Mikhail Durnenkov


Theatre of Nations, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2019
Director: Marat Gatsalov
Age category 18+
One of the major Russian playwrights Mikhail Durnenkov wrote a play about a man who wants to return to his youth and tries to reconstruct an old café with the help of a troubled family. Director Marat Gatsalov and set designer Ksenia Peretrukhina literally “overturn” the text – the audience sees actors in a huge mirror hanging sideways over the stage. The magic of the visual solution seems to clash with the desperate sobriety of the message: “Utopia” is not about the obvious “there is no way back into the past”, but about society in stagnation, having lost soil under its feet, with no chance to get out of that enchanted space. And it is for every member of the audience to decide for themselves whether the unconditional beauty of the performance can compensate for this insight into the sad truth.

Roman Dolzhansky

«Утопия» могла бы стать очередным жанровым спектаклем о российской глубинке, если бы не постановочная команда, открывшая пьесу совершенно не бытовым ключом. Режиссер Марат Гацалов и художник Ксения Перетрухина увидели в ней историю о «русском космосе», о циклическом времени нашей жизни – оно постоянно возвращается назад, как испорченная пластинка.

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