Theatre «Ballet Moscow», «Territory» Festival, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Author of project: Anna Abalikhina
A SIMULTANEOUS GAME was created by choreographer Anna Abalikhina, the Golden Mask Award winner, in collaboration with the "Ballet Moscow" as part of the “Territory” Festival. The title refers to a chess exhibition match where a professional plays multiple games simultaneously against a number of amateurs. In this production the choreographer invites the audience to become co-authors of the performance rather than merely observers. The spectators have opportunities to intervene and change the course of the action. The unpredictable "game" turns out to be a serious challenge for the dancers, who have to mobilize their professional experience and demonstrate their excellence. 
The performance consists of mini-sessions taking place in several halls of the museum. The audience moves around the exhibition space in small groups, following individual routes. After each session they move to another location. Performances evolve to their own unique scenarios which are never repeated. The production is special not only because of its interactivity, but also thanks to the close connectivity between the audience and performers. 

Maria Yurchenko