Alexei Salnikov


Gogol Center, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Director: Anton Fyodorov
The production by the young director Anton Fyodorov turns a popular modern Russian novel into a series of witty surreal attractions. The main character, Petrov suffering from flu experiences a sequence of hallucinations, in which poet Brodsky and Santa Claus`s granddaughter find themselves in the same space, his  librarian wife transforms into a ferocious predator, and the son splits in two. The dominant element of a very creative set design by Savva Savelyev is the trolleybus, which also experiences metamorphoses – a library, a hearse and Petrov’s apartment. The scenery that generates the phantoms of the collective unconscious lives its own life, and the actors exploit it with a circus virtuosity - they disappear in the bathroom and reappear in the window, spin in the centrifuge of the washing machine and enter via a bus stop. The timeless chasm in which Petrov finds himself falls on the New Year holidays, and the collage of images also resembles the clicking of the TV channels from retro comedies to "Songs of the Year". Except that the trolleybus, full of phantoms of the Soviet and post-Soviet past, is not moving, and the flu pill has hopelessly expired and does not work…

Yulia Kleiman