“Stary Dom” Theatre, Novosibirsk
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Andrei Prikotenko based on Fyodor Dostoevsky
Imagine that Netflix decided to take on Dostoevsky's THE IDIOT. That all the roles are played by actors who are endowed with a true Hollywood gloss. That, reflected in the dark mirrored walls, they seem to have descended from the pages of a fashionable lookbook. That the text of the novel is completely rewritten in modern language and every word has a rigid psychological motivation. Boasting one of the best companies in this country, the Stary Dom (Old House) Theatre is not afraid to create a lengthy performance, THE IDIOT being indeed an action drama. Shortly before the finale Nastasia Filippovna and Myshkin stand frozen for a moment as if in the “pieta”  mise-en-scene, but it refers one to Kim Ki-duk rather than to Michelangelo because  director Andrei Prikotenko is less interested in metaphysics than in paradoxes of human characters, the fire of passion and the limit of weakness. 

Yulia Kleiman