Theatre on Bronnaya and Brusnikin School, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Valery Pecheikin based on the novel by Vladimir Sorokin
Director: Maxim Didenko
The debut novel “The Norm” by Vladimir Sorokin, considered by many the foremost author writing in Russian, is a postmodernist encyclopedia of Soviet totalitarianism. In THE NORM Maxim Didenko uses the language of the totalitarian era that regulates all manifestations of human existence.
In the first act, the style of bas-reliefs and sports parades as well as the cold beauty of subjugated bodies simultaneously delights and disgusts. A man is just a detail of the composition. The imperial style is grand, but is composed of gleaming flesh. The arrests, interrogations and humiliation, all the dark sides of life dissolve in the grandeur and beauty as if in hydrochloric acid. Clear ringing voices glorify the Norm.
In the second act, the director drastically changes his method. The actor Yevgeny Stychkin comes to the fore to scrupulously demonstrate the unfolding of insanity. Creeping and wheedling initially, he transforms into a generalissimo in a flashy uniform. A quirky and wretched little man serves as compost for the ears of totalitarianism and its dragon’s teeth.

Vlada Kuprina