Theatre of Reciprocal Actions and “Territory” Festival, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Authors: Shifra Kazhdan, Lyosha Lobanov, Alexandra Mun, Ksenia Peretrukhina
The Theatre of Reciprocal Actions is probably the only ‘horizontal theatre’ in Russia widely covered in the press. Most of their projects are set in the genre of promenade theatre, and the themes are invariably weird. For example, "The Museum of Alien Invasion" talked about an imaginary landing of aliens in the Tomsk region. The immersive sound performance THE UNIVERSITY OF BIRDS talks about birds, as one might guess. We find ourselves in a laboratory, then in a classroom, then in an exhibition hall, then in the nave of some strange temple – where, as the procession moves closer towards the "altar", the audience can see icons depicting extinct species of birds. The performers are musicians that accompany the audience through the venues.  With their help, we learn interesting facts about the life of birds and more importantly, are given the opportunity to look at the world through their eyes. In effect, one can say that THE UNIVERSITY OF BIRDS illustrates and develops the ideas of Bruno Latour, philosopher and passionate critic of the idea of anthropocentrism, who believes that if we give up the habit of looking at nature as a human-dominated kingdom, we will have a better chance to survive. 

Marina Davydova

Supported by the Theatre Union of the Russian Federation
With participation of  “Brusfest” Festival