Andrei Vishnevsky


Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Director: Boris Yukhananov
Each production selects  its own name or genre and reintegrates into cultural history. In this sense PINOCCIO is certainly a borderline work which , on the one hand, continues the series of our  fairytales ("The Blue Bird "and “The Drillalians ") and on the other hand it takes a  well-known story and creates something unimaginable with it....
Boris Yukhananov
The project PINOCCIO follows up the fairytale or mythological line started by the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre with “The Blue Bird” and “The Drillalians”. The “new procedurality” is combined with the tradition of commedia dell'arte. This mystery play is based on Carlo Collodi’s "The Adventures of Pinocchio".  All the actors of Electrotheatre were involved in the project. The title role of Pinocchio, who undergoes metamorphosis, is performed by two young actresses. The production reinterprets the tradition of commedia dell'arte, which in the Russian theatre history is associated with Meyerhold and Vakhtangov. For an entire year the company worked with Alessio Nardin, Ferruccio Soleri’s follower, who was invited from Italy to work with the actors on this particular production. The masks for the characters were made in Venice.