“Praktika” Theatre and Brusnikin School, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Based on  the play by Vladimir Sorokin 
Director: Yury Kvyatkovsky
According to chief diagnostician of the post-Soviet environment Vladimir Sorokin’s dystopia, Russia exists like a model of a secret mission. For the “Spin” mission to succeed you have to put on headphones and, using a 3-channel wiretap and surveillance cameras, follow the life of Moscow’s elite. “The Rublevka” family is having a lazy breakfast at their country estate: champagne, caviar, pancakes, soup, vodka. They talk about art; they are sculpting, rapping and smoking weed. Unfortunately for them, the “Spin” mission will be successful: members of the corrupt elite will be neutralized deftly and surreally by special agents. For Sorokin’s play, Yury Kvyatkovsky has used a concise and accurate move: every spectator becomes a part of the surveillance system, a part of the Russia which is always ready to arrest and to be arrested.    

Anastasia Pauker