Heinrich von Kleist


Theatre of Nations, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2021
Director: Timofei Kulyabin
In Timofey Kulyabin`s production based on Kleist's comedy, the times and morals merge surprisingly easily. Everything happens here and now, there and then. The disheveled, unkempt and stupid inhabitants of the town become more human before our eyes. The more we look into their touching and absurd souls, the more their unobvious personalities open up, and each of them reveals his or her own story as well as their own inferiority, bitterness and resentment. By the end of the performance, the simple people-masks explode with senseless hatred and cruelty, and that becomes the final chord of their humanness, their excessive humanness. 
Kulyabin suddenly turns an elegant anecdote into a bitter statement of the permanence and impending doom of human nature. It transpires that inoculations of reason, tolerance and humanistic values do not give immunity from evil, and that people remain people. 

Vlada Kuprina